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kancelaria prawna Szymon Kowalczyk

Legal counsel`s assistant. He gained professional experience while working and completing many internships in courts and advocate’s, legal counsel’s and notary’s offices. He is a pro bono activist, managing Consumer Advice Department of the University of Wrocław Legal Clinic. He remains in close cooperation with District Consumer Ombudsmen . On a daily basis he provides legal advice for companies and partnerships, aiding in casual and international transactions. In addition, he is interested in the damages cases, consumer law, disputes at the pre-trial and trial stage. Apart from aforementioned matters, he study in details public commercial law- especially competition law, by writing his Master’s Thesis on EU competition law. During studies he was awarded the Rector`s Scholarship for the Best Students. His professional skills are constantly improving as he strives to complete many additional training courses, i.a. in the scope of mediation.